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Getting Started

Tap on the microphone button at the bottom of the window to speak a command. See a list of available commands below.

Available Commands

Medical Scribe
[START or STOP or CONTINUE] taking notes start taking notes stop taking notes
Show the patients chest x-ray
Show the patients chart
What is the patients [VIRTALS] what is the patients temperature check the patients blood pressure
What can I say?
What time is it?
What\'s the population of China?
Who won the 2002 Baseball World Series?
Start transcription
Drive me to [LOCATION] drive me to the airport drive me to Target
Drive me to [ADDRESS] drive me to 1600 Amphitheatre Pkwy, Mountain View, CA
Business Search
Find the [NEAREST or HIGHEST RATED] [BUSINESS] find the nearest Starbucks find the highest rated Italian restaurant
Play [ARTIST] play The Beatles play The Rolling Stones
Check the weather forecast
Check the weather for [LOCATION] check the weather for Toyko, Japan
Will it rain today?
Will it snow today?
Do I need an umbrella today?
Set a timer for [HOURS:MIN:SEC] set a timer for 30 minutes
Set an alarm for [DATE:TIME] set an alarm for tomorrow at 7:30am
Movie Listings
What movies are playing
Cooking Recipes
Find a recipe for [INGREDIENTS] find a recipe for chicken broccoli mushrooms and onions
Custom Commands
See the Quantum Developer Kit (QDK) for custom plugin development documentation

Medical Scribe

Search for a patient record, enter either the patient name, medical record number (MRN), or * to view all patients. Click the magnifying glass button to search.

Virtual Scribe

The virtual scribe button puts the virtual scribe into listening and transcribing mode. During this time, the microphone will be open and the virtual scribe will be creating the medical record note in real-time.

View Chart

View the patient's medical chart.

View Labs

View the patient's lab results.

Import Audio

Upload an audio file of a medical exam to the virtual scribe. The virtual scribe will listen to the audio file and convert what it hears into the medical record note for the patient.

Supported audio formats include .mp3 .m4a .wav

iPhone and iPad (iOS) users can use their Voice Memos app to record audio sessions for import into the virtual scribe

Android users can use their Voice Recorder app to record audio sessions for import into the virtual scribe

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